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Fiduciary services

Our specialists help you shoulder the load by working reliably, professionally and with dedication on your behalf. This benefits you by immediately giving you more time for what is important.

Fiduciary services

Tailor-made solutions with added value.

In fiduciary services, we support you with a wide range of services in accountancy, tax, and management consultancy and through serving on boards. Our trustees have extensive experience in advising private individuals, companies and foundations on all financial matters. Providing our clients with personal and individual support is very important to us.

Accountancy / bookkeeping

You get first-class advice on financial management.

For wealthy individuals, their companies or foundations, we provide support with the development of an accounting system and carrying out the accounting, tailoring this support to your individual needs. This includes the following services:

  • Development, performance and closing of financial and cost accounting
  • Preparation of financial statements in accordance with common accounting regulations (Swiss Code of Obligations, Swiss GAAP FER)
  • Payroll administration incl. payroll accounting
  • Advice on and support with social security and withholding tax issues
  • VAT statements and advice
  • Accounts receivable management incl. dunning and collection
  • Accounts payable management incl. payment transactions
  • Securities accounting
  • Temporary CFO/bridging staff shortages in the area of finance

Tax consultancy and planning

Expert answers on tax questions.

Format A’s experts are here for you whenever you need legally compliant advice and support in tax matters. They know the current cantonal and national legislation and conditions and have specific experience that means thy can provide you with expert and comprehensive advice on even complex issues. Our services include:

  • General tax advice for companies and private individuals
  • Tax planning
  • Handling your tax formalities for you and your company
  • Completing your tax returns
  • Negotiating and corresponding with tax authorities
  • Supporting you in appeals
  • Retirement and estate planning
  • Financial transactions related to taxation
  • Establishing and supporting company structures
  • Withholding tax

CFO Services

We provide strategic financial leadership and seamless integration into your management team. Our comprehensive CFO services ensure that your company is financially poised for growth and success.

  • Integrate CFO into Management Team: Experts in financial leadership for strategic decisions and financial oversight.
  • Develop Visionary Financial Strategies: Financial strategies aligned with your business goals.
  • Create and Manage Budgets: Financial stability through careful budgeting.
  • Investor Relations and Communication: Enhance your investor presentations and communication.
  • Cap Table Management: Transparent and targeted management of your equity structure.
  • Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs): Design plans that motivate employees and align their interests with company performance.

Management consultancy

We provide you with support and advice from company foundation to succession planning.

We advise you on all corporate governance matters in any company foundation, reorganisation, merger, demerger, transformation, asset transfer or transfer to the next generation. Our experienced employees also helps in restructurings or liquidations.

  • Foundation of companies, transformations, mergers and liquidations
  • Company valuations
  • Business consultancy services and analyses
  • Due diligence
  • Process optimisation
  • Establishment and support of corporate structures (holdings, licence boxes etc.)
  • Succession planning
  • Establishment and support of family structures
  • Wills, estates, execution of wills
  • Retirement and estate planning

Controlling and Financial Monitoring

We support your business by continuously monitoring operational performance and liquidity. Our services provide precise insights into your financial position and enable immediate actions to optimize day-to-day operations.

  • Monitor Operational Performance: Track revenue, operating profit, budget reports, and cash flow.
  • Ensure Liquidity: Optimal management of payment status, receivables, vendor invoices, and payroll.
  • Implement Immediate Actions: Quick corrective measures for financial discrepancies or operational inefficiencies.
  • Save Time and Costs: Efficient financial management to reduce costs.
  • Create Accurate Financial Reports: Custom reports to analyze business performance.
  • Plan and Monitor Budgets: Budget planning and monitoring, including variance analyses.
  • Conduct Cost Analyses: Identify cost-saving opportunities to optimize financial performance.

Additional services

  • Escrow services
  • Company domiciles
  • Fiscal representation
Personal advice on fiduciary matters

Advice on financial issues is a very personal matter based on trust.

Bernhard Meier

Head of Fiduciary Services

Member of the Executive Board

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